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Hottest July Ever? Still not Even Close

All US Stations to reach 110 degrees in July 2016 and July 1936

The same people who, every year, claim the arctic will be “ice free for the first time in 100,000 years” (or something like that) keep saying July 2016 was the hottest month ever. It’s actually not even close.


If 110 degrees is too hot for your consideration of hottest month ever, how about 105?

I know. A cropped pic of two Polar bears riding a piece of ice is proof that the arctic is gone (when it’s not) and the bears are doomed (when they are not) and it’s all our fossil-fuel fault (government will fix it if you cough up a few trillion for us and our buddies) but a visual of the actual number of stations reporting temperatures to show hot July 2016 is not even close to the hottest month ever is climate denial. Except it’s not.