DNC Interim Chair Says Exchanging Political Access for Money is Normal

by Steve MacDonald

Donna Brazile - Dirty Democrat from way back whenLong-Time Dirty Democrat (and interim DNC Chair) Donna Brazile tried to soft-peddle concerns about Hillary using her Foundation to grant access to her office. Instead, she gives “illegal activity” the DNC stamp of approval.

(Hot Air) You see, Brazille is describing a scenario where, she believes, it’s perfectly understandable that a major donor to a political campaign might gain some access to a candidate or an event because of their donation. She calls this “normal” and she may be right.

Here’s the problem, Ms. Brazile: The Clinton Foundation is not supposed to be a political campaign fund!

In her defense of her candidate, Ms. Brazile seems to have highlighted the exact problem — if not illegal behavior — in how the Clinton Foundation operated in connection with the State Department.  The foundation is a 501(c)3, non-profit, non-partisan charity, not a political campaign apparatus.

By equating (possibly by mistake) the Clinton Foundation charity with a political campaign, Brazile has inadvertently acknowledged that within the State Department the Clinton Foundation was seen as a political organization and was treated as if it was. And that is the problem.

So selling access is normal, even if illegal, and Hillary selling access illegally is condoned by the DNC.

No one should be surprised by this. And since we’re not talking about enemies of the Democrat party no one will go to jail for it either.

That is normal.

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  • mer

    “Normal” doesn’t make it right/ethical/moral, now does it?
    And Hillary et al want Citizens United reversed? Why because it lets “undesirables” be able to “buy access”?

    • Augen

      Ethics don’t exist in this group, you know.
      BTW, normal is a statistical term.

      • mer

        Unless the normal is abby.

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