My apologies for the dearth of content. I’ve been very quiet lately, compared to what passes for my blogging “normal.” But I’m in the middle of two projects.

The first is editing the video for the 603 Alliance Issues Briefing Summit. I’ve been posting that video on GraniteGrok a few days after it goes up here.

The second project is a complete retool of GrokTALK! And by complete, I mean that I may not call it that anymore.

Time, travel, time, and did I mention time (?) have made it difficult to continue the program as it was so I am launching something different. There are plenty of other good reasons for the change but we’ll share that on the podcast in the coming weeks.

The new audio experience will start out as a 60-minute podcast. Interviews will be about 10 minutes instead of twenty, all on the phone, with tighter editing and fewer breaks.

We’ll publish stuff during the week when it has a shelf life, and there will be a new broadcast time and day for the one-hour podcast.

Because I can do all of this, conference calls, interviews, and so on, from the comfort of my own home, Skip and I emptied out the “studio” at 8 North Main a few hours ago. So that iteration has sailed off into the sunset. I’m sad to see it go but it gave us 155 programs and a lot of content.

Moving forward I’ll be working on new graphics, bumpers, stingers, and so on, but we will continue to post it under ‘GrokTALK!’ wheter we call it that or not. GrokTALK! covers all our audio content the same way all the video, ours or anyone else’s, is posted under GrokTV.

The first installment of the new weekly podcast should be up by the end of this week. I hope you’ll check it out.