“But we can’t let the Democrats win!” says the lady who called me

NHGOP LogoFWIW, it said TD America for the caller ID (TMEW said “what, the bank is now getting political in this election”?

And the lady on the phone who asked for me by my real name (dead giveaway that they’re database calling) started in on this election.  I could tell though, she wasn’t the normal clerk just reading from a script when

She: I want to thank you for all that you’ve done for the Republican and I want….

Me: Don’t you know I left the Republican Party?

She: Oh, so you’ve registered as a Democrat?

Me: No, as an independent.

She: well, you still know that we can’t let the Democrats win this….

I unloaded

daring her to tell me WHY after all the NH GOP have done to act like Democrats (by name, by vote, by issue, by law, mentioning Chuck Morse, Jeb Bradley, Jeanne Forrester, Shawn Jasper, Steve Duprey, and Ms Bergeron and how they just ignore the Party Platform).  That went on for a few minutes with her garbling in the background once in a while (after all, she called me).  She lost.

THEN she tried to tell me that we have to elect Conservatives after earlier I had told her that I only support Conservatives but still wanted me to send money to the NH GOP.

I unloaded.  Again (including the NH Republican Senate Majority and Incumbent Protection and Racketeering ACT PAC and the tax cheat that is the NH GOP Chair (Jennifer Horn, dontcha know, and a whole nother bunch of examples).

I finally invoked my Mercy Rule (“Good day, ma’am” and hung up) as I had to get back to my exam.

Morale of the phone call:

  • Next time, send somebody that knows the issues and the votes better than me – I’m not the typical LIV.
  • Next time, send somebody that knows the issues and the votes better than me – I might listen (maybe).
  • Better yet, stop calling me in trying to get me to fork over money to Republicans that act like Democrats and hate Conservatarians.

If I hadn’t been in the process of taking yet another certification class’s test, I might have been nicer.  But maybe not.

Probably not.

No, not really.