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by Skip

The media are in the midst of the most one-sided reporting and analysis I’ve ever seen in a presidential campaign. And Trump keeps giving them ammunition.

Well given that the vast majority of newsroom are registered Democrats and their political donations are about nil for Republicans, is there any reason why we shouldn’t think that the Media has become weaponized against any “not Democrat”?  Ditto for our Federal Government in that it, too, has become weaponized for the Democrats?

And to the latter point, the phrase “Democrats are the Party of Government” has multiple meanings.

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  • Radical Moderate

    When a country is attacked one of the primary targets by special forces are the means of communication, radio, TV, etc.
    That’s what happened to the US years ago. Just follow the string until you find the handful of men that own all the major media outlets in the US and then examine their backgrounds. Even in NH our MSM outlets are owned by those same handful of men no matter who’s name they present to the public as the token ‘local owner’.

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