Alcohol May Have Been a Factor. You Think?

Ashley Gordon charged with DWII’m not sure how bad your day has to be for you to drive drunk into the Contoocook River. But having WMUR share this picture of you as part of their coverage can’t have helped.

“Hey Ashley, I saw you on the news last night.”

Ashley Gordon escaped from her sinking vehicle, cell phone in hand, after driving through a fence on private property. Police are still investigating, but alcohol appears to have been involved (appears?).

They are not ruling out distracted driving (as if being sh*t-faced-drunk is not distracting you from driving?), but I doubt that will stand up. We don’t have that in New Hampshire anymore.

We passed a law and pretty much eliminated distracted driving altogether in New Hampshire. All that’s left to do now is come up with a new “official” reason why people are dying on our roads in record numbers since the new law went into effect.