The 603 Alliance Announces *Endorsements in NH State Level Races [Added Original Press Release]

603 Alliance bannerThe 603 Alliance has announced four *endorsements in New Hampshire primary races for the US Senate, NH Congressional Districts 1 and 2, and for Governor of New Hampshire.  (Disclosure: As a member of the steering committee I did take part in this process.)

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In an ambitious undertaking, the 603 Alliance held private interview sessions on June 29 and 30 for Republican candidates running in the New Hampshire Primary for the US Senate, CD1, CD2, and Gubernatorial seats.

Members of the 603 Alliance, including grassroots leaders and activists from across New Hampshire, met with each candidate separately in an undisclosed conference room in the Concord area, where each interview was conducted by a member of the 603 Alliance Steering Committee, based on the questions submitted by the attendees prior to the session.

All of the major candidates in these four races participated. Following the sessions, the attendees responded by completing an evaluation form ranking their impressions for each candidate, based on their performance. The evaluations were then compiled and reviewed by the 603 Alliance Steering Committee.

The 603 Alliance decided to endorse in these races to let members know who among the choices might best advance Conservative, small government principles. You can read the entire announcement and remarks about the candidates and the process

You can read the entire announcement and remarks about the candidates and the process  here , but these are the final results.

NH Governor: Frank Edelblut
CD-2: Jim Lawrence
CD-1: Frank Guinta
US Senate: No Endorsement

Congratulations to these candidates and thanks to all the activists and grassroots leaders who participated in the evaluation process on one or both nights of the interviews.

*Editor: The link provided above the list of candidates originally offered complete details of who was endorsed along with an explanation of the process. Candidate Rubens was never formally endorsed by The 603 Alliance for the US Senate Race in 2016. The grassroots leaders who voted preferred his interview overall, and that is how it should have been presented here, but no candidate was formally endorsed by the 603 Alliance in the US Senate Race. I apologize for the confusion or misrepresentation of these results. The error is mine and I and have amended the post accordingly.

Original Press Release Added.

Media Release about 603 Alliance Interviews
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