O’Keefe Embarasses Democrat Gun Grabbers

by Mike

They’re back!! Just like they embarrassed the New York newspaper who wanted to ‘out’ gun owners by publishing addresses, The Project Veritas finds that Congressional staffers aren’t so keen to advertise their lack of armaments as they are to take away yours – hmmm….

When everybody is disarmed, only criminals and government (but I repeat myself) will have guns.

Lisa Benson Illustrates the ultimate gun-free zone!

Lisa Benson Illustrates the ultimate gun-free zone!

It’s a bit like “Beware of the Dog” signs or alarm company signs – better to advertise a deterrent you don’t have and keep criminals guessing, than to advertise that you don’t have any deterrent.

Despicable Democrat cowards! (But again, I repeat myself).

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  • Michael

    Probably with the high hopes that they’ll be “exempt” from any gun ban. In other words, the criminal class and the elite will be armed in their dystopic version of America. All will be armed except the proletariat, who need them as much as anybody else.

  • 175jfs

    Hypocrites. Just like the “Blues, phonies, and anti’s” that post here.

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