NH Republican Gubernatorial Debate in Digestible Bits

Another other GT bannerA few weeks back the Windham GOP held a debate. We posted their video here, and I promised to break up the audio from that recording into digestible bits for your casual consumption. Hour one broke down into five segments. I have edited (shortened) the audio down to the questions and answers. Applause volume has been reduced from the original in an effort to balance the sound quality.

Opening statements (17:34)


Lightning Round Question (17:32)


What are you talking about in your first state of the State address? (6:59)


Business Growth (9:35)


Adequacy funding formula/Education (7:45)


Not recorded by GrokTALK! just edited. We may use some of this audio on the program at a later date. Hour two of the audio from this debate will be available in coming days.