Is Endorsement From Least Qualified Person to be President So Far Worth Much of Anything?

by Steve MacDonald

Hillary obama endorsement

Stop stuttering and just say it bitch.

The most unqualified person to be president (so far) says that a woman who is a pathological liar, can’t be trusted with national security, mother of failed foreign states, alleged to be selling access to our government in exchange for cash, who is married to a guy who cheats on her at every opportunity, both of whom have more scandals and investigations attached to them than anyone in US political history, is the most qualified person to be president since Jefferson.

I’ll admit that she might be more qualified than you Mr. Obama, but that’s like saying a dumpster is more qualified to be filled with rubbish than that tiny barrel in the corner of the bathroom.

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  • Jim Johnson

    0bama the mentor, he only supports Hillary because she will continue Obama’s disastrous policies. Obama is also a pathological liar, who avoids all responsibility a perfect tutor for the morally bankrupt Hillary.

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