Institutionalizing the End of The Right to Due Process

judge-gavelIf you believe that prohibiting second amendment rights to someone arbitrarily placed on a no-fly list is a sensible step then you’ve been programmed by your government to embrace incremental tyranny. Liberty in exchange for the presumption of security. The sacrifice of (other people’s) Constitutional right to due process and the notion of “innocent until proven guilty” for the perception of whatever greater good the people taking those rights claim will be secured.

And why should you care if the state denies basic liberties to others? We are not talking about taking away your right to due process. This is about other people. Except that it is not.

Your support for such schemes encourages the government to infringe on everyone’s rights, and not just what you might refer to as gun rights. You are aiding and abetting institutionalized despotism.

But perhaps you are in good company because the effort to add to the numbers of useful idiots continues apace. The numb acceptance of despotic exercise continues without a general uprising or outcry. How? The education industrial complex and a compliant media have programmed vast swaths of the electorate into accepting gross abuses of power without much concern. And the effort to ensure we do not deviate from that path continues on every available front.

President Obama and Vice President Biden have made yet another (subtle?) move to facilitate the abandonment of basic Constitutional rights and they have been using rape, ironically, to do it.

Rape is real, it is vile, and it is a problem. A crisis, if you like. And you never let a crisis, real or imagined, go to waste. So, a few years ago the Obama Administration issued a report on campus rape and lined up some suitable suspects (so the press would have noise for the echo-chamber).

The numbers provided by the despots-in-waiting appeared ridiculously high, but every good progressive knows that facts only matter when they advance the agenda. In their absence, or when seeking to contradict inconvenient truths, it is considered reasonable to create a narrative and allow your media friends and allies to manufacture “truth” through its brute-force repetition. You then quote the multiple sources who have repeated your lie and call it a day.

What agenda can constitution-hating politicians and bureaucrats advance from falsifying rape statistics? How about institutionalizing the idea that you are not entitled to due process? The integration into the American subconscious that birth does not grant individual rights. The U.S. Constitution does not protect those rights. That they only exist at the pleasure of a government (or approved body) that can deny them at will; entities who can force you to expend blood and treasure to petition for their return before a judging body of their choice and design.

If you can teach children to abandon any notion that they are entitled to due process then whatever other failures may come you are only a generation or two away from the goal of a centrally planned government that can deny anyone anything at any time.

The college rape epidemic narrative is just such a front. It was never about rape unless you mean an assault on the collective consciousness of a once free nation into abandoning the outdated notion that American’s have a right to due process.

It is about indoctrinating college students into a world where star chamber judgments by unaccountable “betters” are the order of the day. Arbitrary exercise of power comes before liberty and the presumption of innocence; with the bonus of emasculating men and teaching young women to look to government instead of potential future husbands as bastions of safety, justice, domestic tranquility, or the general welfare of themselves or their family.

The result has been dozens if not hundreds or even thousands of accusations against men for actions they claim occurred with consent, prosecuted by college boards without a pretense that the accused have any right but to be found guilty.

While most of the cases, when brought before actual courts, do not agree with the notion that due process is an outdated concept, that has not stopped the political class and the media from reinforcing the death of such rights at every opportunity; of which Orlando is just the most recent example.

To reinforce the re-education of future generations the Obama Administration has informed Universities that if the government does not approve of the manner in which they are enforcing the Federal government’s guidance concerning the rape narrative, they will not honor them with the royal presence.

According to White House officials, top members of the administration — including the president, the vice president, their wives and members of the Cabinet — will not visit institutions whose leaders they consider insufficiently serious about pursuing sexual-assault allegations and punishing perpetrators. Biden said in an interview that he would like the federal government to “take away their money” if a college or university fails to change its ways.

If you are not familiar with the ‘insufficiently serious’ litmus test in American law, then you are not alone. It is not a matter of law so much as of force and intimidation. Biden could have just as easily claimed “we are not amused,” and called it a royal day.

And while threats to avoid those campuses that do not toe the royal line might not sound so awful–just think of the savings to taxpayers and tuition payers on security costs, the threat of taking away their money is serious business.

No, it’s not their money, nor is it Biden’s money, it is ours, but we crossed that bridge a long time ago as did every entity to ever make a deal with that Devil. Getting back is unlikely given that the same electorate willing to abandon its due process rights is the one that would need to yank the feds back across the bridge on property rights.

But back to the point. This intimidation is meant to force universities to enforce the narrative. A scheme based on the need for arbitrary acts of power in the name of justice devoid of all right of due process. Failing to indoctrinate these future leaders and their so-called victims in the approved narrative come with consequences, and your government is ready and willing to dispense those with extreme prejudice.

So get in line or else.

Steve is a New Hampshire resident, blogger, and activist. A member of the 603 Alliance, NHCMP, NHRVC, LFGC, and the host of GrokTALK! Please Note: My opinions are my own and not those of my Family, employers, politicians, campaigns, or other contributors or commenters at GraniteGrok