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Congressional Candidate Eric Estevez is becoming unhinged

From his Twitter feed
From his Twitter feed

For a guy who wants to be the next congressman from New Hampshire’s 2nd district, you’d think he’d be smart enough to know when to stop hammering nails in his own campaign coffin. Estevez or his campaign manager, Eric Rolfs (that’s his MIT brain trust), decided to create the following:


It’s still unclear as to why he thinks any ‘Establishment’ Republicans would try to hack his account. The only threat he is in the primary is as an embarrassment to Republicans, Granite Staters and conservatives. Other than that, I highly, highly doubt anyone would waste time ‘hacking’ his account in their ranks. He will not win the primary and will thankfully be out of the New Hampshire legislature. Maybe he will go back to Massachusetts where ‘his heart is.’

Why Estevez is hung up on this ‘hackery’ is unknown. When he posted he was hacked after it was reported he was photo shopping photos with his campaign stickers and signs, he claimed his account was hacked but his ‘proof’ was showing that someone made multiple failed password attempts on his website – something a lot of people do on a regular basis when they’ve changed their password. At no time did he or his campaign contact myself or Granite Grok to share any other information. And frankly, it doesn’t matter. Even if he was actually hacked, it has nothing to do with his photo shopped photos that he deleted from social media or his very long pattern of bad behavior.

The guy is psychologically unfit to run for dog catcher.

At the recent Windham Republican debate, he was to the point of harassing me because of the stories I wrote. He intentionally approached me several times before the debate began because I outed the truth about his pathological behavior over the past 10 years. He can’t deny all the facts that have been posted about him so he hinges on his site being hacked. He did this in front of several other people.,

As soon as I started videoing his madness, he would claim he just wanted everyone to get along. He actually came up to me at one point and put his phone up and said “how about I video YOU.”  It got to the point that someone actually spoke with the organizers of the event because his behavior was completely overboard.

The man needs serious psychological help. He’s not only a pathological liar but now he’s becoming unhinged.