Alarmists and Media Reporting the Natural As Unnatural - Granite Grok

Alarmists and Media Reporting the Natural As Unnatural

Al_Gore_Fire bannerScary Headline: Melting in the Arctic reached an all-time high in June: Ice has been disappearing at a rate of 29,000 square miles a day.

Reality: The Arctic loses about 27,000 square miles a day on average every summer. Losing 29,000 is well within the normal variability. But most people won’t know that. (And Greenland is fine too, btw.)

It is another example of alarmists and uninformed media reporting a natural situation as unnatural. It is a lie of omission because they only presented facts that suited their story, but lying and deception are now standard and condoned practice for some people. Apparently for them the end justifies the means.

With the introduction of the new paradigm of environmentalism and the subset global warming, natural events were presented as unnatural. The strategy provided a ‘no lose’ situation. People were easily misled because they don’t know what is normal. The few with some knowledge were easily marginalized as skeptics or conspiracy theorists. The sequence is to announce the imaginary problem, produce false science to make it ‘real’, introduce political strategies that do nothing except cost jobs and inconvenience people, and wait. When conditions return to “normal,” you claim victory for your science, policies, and wisdom.

Listen to me peasant. What you are doing–which I happen to find offensive–is going to destroy the world. Here is the proof of it. But if you pay tribute annually an incereasing portion of your liberty and property I will use that to empower myself and my friends and we promise that this sacrifice will belay the disasterous consequences created by your lifestyle choices.