US Media Trying To Hide the Truth in Orlando – World Press Has No Such Bias

by Steve MacDonald

If you don’t think elements of the US press are running cover for the government of the Democrat president and his party (while pandering to their preferred narratives and policy memes) then compare the headlines of the Western press to that of press outside the US.

Conservative Review.

Take, for example, some more headlines from around the world:

The Americans murdered by an ISIS fanatic as they partied: Brand manager, pharmacy technician and theme park employee are among the 49 shot dead by terrorist in Florida gay club slaughter—from the UK Daily Mail.

50 dead, 53 injured in terror attack at Orlando nightclub—from the Jerusalem Post.

Chilling moment ISIS massacre begins in Orlando nightclub captured by victim’s Snapchat—from the Daily Express.

And here are some more American headlines:

Deadliest Mass Shooting In U.S. History Leaves 50 Dead At Gay Orlando Nightclub—from the Huffington Post.

More Victims of Orlando Mass Shooting Identified as Loved Ones Share Grief: ‘I Just Started Bursting into Tears’—from People Magazine.

Horror, sympathy as world reacts to Orlando mass shooting—from CNN.

The lefty American press (and their politicians) paint a picture of a fellow with mixed motivations who if not for lax firearms laws would not have killed dozens of homosexuals. Outside the US many (not all, of course) in the press see a terrorist working the deliberate will of a militant Muslim group on US soil, executing gays because he believes his faith commands it of him.

It is not a new observation to most of our readers but the American press is not free and independent from the government’s agenda, at least when it is commanded by a Democrat.

The JV Team just perpetrated the second greatest act of domestic terror on US soil and yet that is not the lede?

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  • Cause and effect.

    Of the US media outlets “reporting” a mass shooting, targeting homosexual revelers in the early morning, with a military assault rifle, by a US Citizen, how many have ALSO been barred from “special” press “access” to events sponsored by Mr. Trump, and are NOW shackled to an oppressed seat in the audience with the rest of us?

  • 175jfs

    It’s called Newspeak.

  • George Bonner

    Did you legitimately delete my comment? I’m sorry, I’ll try and remember to put a “trigger warning” next time to keep you from getting so offended.

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