So Kelly Ayotte and Jeanne Shaheen, THIS is the kind of Due Process you want?

One that is unConstitutional and, well, hasn’t any “due” to the bureaucratic process now in place?  Again, you want to CHAMPION this Hotel “due process” California hell? (emphasis mine, reformatted)

Currently, it can take years for an innocent individual to get off the list. Take for example Rahinah Ibrahim, an innocent Stanford professor and PhD student who was improperly placed on the list. It took her eight years to get off.

In 2005, Rahinah Ibrahim, a Malaysian architecture professor and doctoral candidate at Stanford University, went to San Francisco International Airport where she was told that she couldn’t board an airplane. Her name was on a government no-fly list of suspected terrorists.

Eight years of court battles later,

a federal judge agreed that Ibrahim didn’t belong on the list. The FBI ultimately acknowledged that she ended up on there because an agent investigating her had checked the wrong box on a form, said her attorney, Elizabeth Pipkin. Chillingly, the U.S. Justice Department never disclosed why Ibrahim was being investigated in the first place.

Ibrahim isn’t the only person this has happened to, she’s just the only person who was able to get off the list through the court system. There are plenty of nightmare stories from dozens of Americans who were placed on the list and found it impossible to get off.

Ibrahim became the first and only person to be removed from the no-fly list by the courts, but Pipkin said it took “eight years and $4 million of pro bono attorney work to accomplish that feat.

So, Kelly and Jeanne, you still wanna keep honkin’ yer Constitutional bona-fides over your version of “due process”?  Seriously – you allow for a due process that costs $4 million?  And yet, Jeanne Shaheen, there can never be a wait to kill an unborn baby in your world?