Reality Check on Trump v. Hillary

by Steve MacDonald

trumphillaryNo one has an official nomination but for our purposes, the field is set. We got Trump and Clinton. For the sake of argument let’s pander to all the haters and assume that both of them intend to run roughshod over the constitution. Just play along, please.

In our Constitutional Republic, the power granted the Federal government is divided among three branches. Under Mr. Obama, the Executive Branch has exceeded its authority repeatedly with nary a whimper from Congress. Looking forward which of the two likely Constitutional roughshod-riders to replace him is more likely to be reigned in by Congress? Hillary, or Donald?

If you answered Donald, then he is the candidate you should vote for because if we are honest no Congress, Republican or Democrat, is going to do much if anything to stop Hillary from doing whatever the hell she wants.

The media will discover that it can, in fact, be a ruthless guardian of the people under a Trump Presidency. They won’t be any more trustworthy, but they will manage to commit actual acts of journalism. If Hillary is elected, they will do for her what they have done for Obama–continue to provide 24/7/365 cover, ignore stories, bury others, and even attack anyone who attempts to do otherwise.

Trump will have no such quarter from any of them. The moment he steps out of line, they will try to pull him back. The second Trump attempts to exceed the mandate for his office he’ll be challenged at every turn. If he grossly exceeds it, he’ll be impeached, no matter which party is in charge of the Legislative branch.

For a few short years, the government may function the way it was meant to–branches of government in near constant tension, jealously protecting their authoirty.

Hillary, on the other hand, has nothing to fear from the Congress or the Press. They will give her the same pass as Obama.

Once you accept this truth, you have no choice but to vote to keep Hillary Clinton out of the White House. If you do not, you will get Hillary, more abuse of power and corruption, with zero checks and balances.


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