Pro-Choice New Hampshire Governor Chooses Maine

FirecrackersIt is not illegal in New Hampshire to use firecrackers. But if you want them you have to buy them outside the state because it is illegal to sell firecrackers in the state of New Hampshire. You have to drive to Maine or other states to get them.

House Bill 1266 resolved that bizarre contradiction, or would have had Democrat governor Maggie Hassan not vetoed it. Max Abramson brought this to our attention last Saturday in our legislative update segment, which you can find below.

As the story goes, only one fireworks retailer spoke out against the bill. He owns fireworks stores in New Hampshire and Maine. His Maine stores sell firecrackers to New Hampshire residents who want them.Were HB1266 to become law (all it would do is repeal the ban on sales in the Granite State) he’d be able to sell them in New Hampshire but so would all of his competitors in New Hampshire. He would lose all that business at his stores in Maine.

Governor Hassan, in her veto statement, claims to be acting on the advice of the state’s fire chiefs and in the interest of public safety. (The state fire marshal, as well as the New Hampshire Association of Fire Chiefs, opposed the change.) But local Fire chiefs already have the influence needed to limit fireworks like firecrackers at the town level if safety is really an issue. So the Governor and State fire marshall don’t trust the local chiefs?

You have to wonder, does this guy from Maine donate to Maggie Hassan’s campaign? What kind of influence must he have to convince a tax junkie like Hassan to give up business tax revenue from sales in New Hampshire? And Jobs? Someone has to order those firecrackers, unload them, stock them, and sell them.

Nice to see the so-called pro-jobs, pro-growth, pro-choice Democrat governor Maggie Hassan choosing to leave all that opportunity and tax revenue across the border in Maine. And while we’re pointing fingers the Democrats and RINO’s in the NH House sustained her veto. For what? So people must drive further to get something that is not illegal to use because according to the Governor, that must be safer.

Not for the environment. If Maggie the Clinton meat Muppet and her Marxist enviro-buddies are to be believed that’s an unnecessary widening of your carbon footprint. You’re going to make the seas rise or fall, or make it snow more or less, and it might get warmer or maybe not, you selfish douche bag.

Well, I guess they are good with folks having to get in their SUV’s and trucks, and crossovers and what-not to drive those extra miles to give that money away to retailers in Maine. What do we call that, aside from a larger carbon footprint rubber stamped by the progressive leaders of the Granite State? The Maine Advantage!

Here’s our conversation with Max.

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Download this segment | Complete podcast