IRS Commissioner John Koskinen: yet again DC Republicans wilt when contemplating hard political decisions - Granite Grok

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen: yet again DC Republicans wilt when contemplating hard political decisions –

Targeting Conservative and TEA Party style groups were stonewalled, derailed and otherwise afflicted by a politically weaponized Department of Internal Revenue led by the actions of Lois Lerner (who had done similar things while at the Federal Election Commission).  Up to 426 different groups filed up for tax exempt status and were spit on by US Government bureaucrats simply because these group dissented from the President’s Progressive values – ones that these bureaucrats heartily agreed with and supported. Koskinen was not at the helm when this started but was when hard disks started to mysteriously crash left and right far above what regular MTBF (Mean Time Before Failure) stats would posit and mag tapes started to lose their magnetic bits’ magnetic orientation (“erasing the tapes”). That is against the law and was done over and over and the IRS lied repeatedly.  If you are the head of those that do this, you should take responsibility.  Not to mention the snark and contempt he held both us (the general public) and those elected to oversee his department (both House and Senate) during hearings.  He lied.

So what are the Big Campaign Speech’ d DC Republicans going to do?  Are they going to impeach him?

Seriously, you said yes?   HAHAHAHAHAHA – fools, we’re talking about the Republican Party which seemingly can’t outbox a pre-schooler lately…

Not physically – emotionally.  Intestinal fortitude.  The ability to reach within your self and find the courage to stand up for what is right.  Those that ran into the burning buildings on 9/11 set a high bar and example as in “They had the courage, why can’t I?”.  Can’t we, the voters that put those sluggards into those high priced seats, expect the same?

I grow dreary and weary that such a spark would enter and inhabit such denizens hearts, minds, and souls.  Nope, no can do.  Flowery rhetoric speeches and sit-on-our-hands is what we get all adding up to nothingness for results as they circle up and pat themselves on the back for a nothing burger vote and letting Pelosi, Reid, the MSM, and Obama ruin our lives.

From The Corner, a couple of snippets:

The good (e.g., acting on Principle):

Representative Chaffetz has made it clear that if removing Koskinen requires impeaching him, then that is what Republicans will pursue. Indeed, the House Judiciary Committee already is considering impeachment.

The bad (e.g., we can never win, so we’ll never try to win (even if it shows the base we’ll do what we promised):

Senator Orrin Hatch, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, has made it known that he does not support impeaching Commissioner Koskinen, owing to the difficulty in winning the two-thirds Senate supermajority required for conviction and to his doubt as to whether Koskinen has committed “an impeachable offense,” and that presents a barrier to action.

Sigh….too often the DC Republicans give up.  Right now, I would say that they, at least in the Senate, must have Stockholm Syndrome, as it seems that they continue to countenance what the Dems want and the Obama Administration does.  Sure, they pay lip service otherwise and to the Constitution (more on that later) but just go with the flow to keep from getting yelled at either by the Dems or the media (I know, I know; one in the same).