BREAKING: Ayotte Votes for Feinstein Amendment

Senator Ayotte just voted for Dianne Feinstein’s amendment that would allow the government to prevent the sale of guns or explosives to “suspected terrorists”.  Keyword: suspect. No trial. No hearing.  Thankfully, the amendment failed.

Here’s a description of the Amendment from Feinstein’s site (emphasis mine):

The amendment would give the attorney general the authority to block the sale of guns or explosives to known or suspected terrorists, if the attorney general has a reasonable belief that the weapons would be used in connection with terrorism. The amendment was modified from legislation introduced in February 2015 to ensure it adheres to Senate rules for amendments added to appropriations bills.

Remember Kelly Ayotte’s support of this law which tosses due process in 5th Amendment and 14th Amendment out the window.  Shame on you Senator Ayotte.

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