USSR: Julio Iglesias, A Neofascist!

by Scott Morales

Check out a list of bands banned in the Soviet Union (it was too long to put on the home page, so you need to click “See the entire list” below to see it, the original site is here).  The list was distributed by Komsomol, “the Youth Wing of the Communist Party” (I wonder how many are on Bernie’s mailing list) in 1985.

What is it with the left and banning stuff?  My do they love it so. Speech codes, Trigger warnings,  Micro aggression, Jail “climate deniers”, ban conservatives from campus, ban films, ban musical acts, ban comedians, Repealing the First Amendment. Goodness.. and I can go on!

Ban ban ban. This is what the left does when they can’t win an argument and you just won’t shut up and obey!  The amusing part is that progressives and the left actually like to pretend that they are hip and edgy. But in reality, they’re the keepers and the retreaders of the old, tired, and failed like their 1930 economic model, for example.  They keep re-packaging the same failed tripe and then are astounded that it’s failed..again. (e.g., Obamanomics, for even a more egregious example, see Venezuela)

So be careful, if they’re challenged and they don’t like it, they’ll prefer to treat you like like Komsomol treated AC/DC, Kiss or worst of all Julio Iglesias .   “ They believed neo-fascism was being promoted by the music of AC/DC, KISS, and — the most neo-fascist of all — Julio Iglesias.”




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