There’s that word again; it does not mean what you think it does

by Skip

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump set his sights on conservative critics who condemn his positions on trade during a rally in West Virginia Thursday.

I’m a conservative, but the conservatives hate me for suggesting I would dare tax somebody,” Trump said after promising he would punish companies that move overseas with high tariffs when they try to ship products back into the United States.

The GOP has brought it (and him) upon themselves.  They have essentially acted like Progressives in bastardizing the common language to the point where “conservative” has no meaning at all.  Seriously, can anyone look at me (or any of the Groksters) and point and ask “Conservative?” and then do the same to Donald Trump without losing your mind?  Sorry, but it’s not HIS fault but it is the fault of the less-conservative, moderate, or plain-voting-with-Democrats-all-the-time Republicans who apply that adjective to themselves or their BFFs at campaign time.

Words have meanings.  In fact, specific meanings.  But given today’s utter descent into moral relativism, nihilism, and “I can be anything I want to and you can’t JUDGE ME!” atmosphere, conservative means almost nothing because definitions are as bendable as wet tissues.  Sorry, but SAYING you are one doesn’t MAKE you one – screw your words, I’m only going to look at your actions (in the end).

Conservatives learn from history (even as Progressives hate it because we can judge their actions / results by it).  We’ve learned that raising high tariffs kills trade (remember the Great Depression?).

Also, Conservative believe someone’s wealth is THEIR wealth.  With his statement of “punish companies that move overseas“, he shows that he does not believe it.  We’ve watched national Democrats decry, scream, and pound their chests when companies do a tax inversion – getting out of [American] Dodge while they still can before getting a deeper haircut from the Progressives in DC that believe “all your wealth belongs to ME!”.  And the Obama Administration, after saying again that they did not have the authority to change things, went ahead and had Treasury change the “regulations” (ayup, more Rule by Bureaucrats) to keep that wealth from leaving.


And effectively, Trump has just declared that he will do the same as these Socialists (who believe The State owns everything).  This is Conservative?

No, what Trump SHOULD be saying, ALL THE TIME, is WHY are these folks leaving?  And then answering his own question (and his position papers say) with his solution -> the root cause is corporate taxes.  And regulations (but at least he has said he’s going to deep six the latter).  STAY ON MESSAGE – if you are going to CUT the taxes, CUT THE TAXES.  Don’t rail on punishing companies that are only acting in their self-interest – that is their fiduciary duty under the law.

Make deals, sir, make it enticing to the point that not only would they not go, but that they’d come BACK as well.  And bring OTHER companies with them.  EXPAND the pie.

But you are no conservative with these words.  Stop abusing the language.

(H/T: The Blaze)

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