Guest Post – An Open Letter to the National Republican Party

I am a New Hampshire conservative Independent. I am by no means unique and, in fact, am probably a member of a species that is far more common than most people may realize or care to acknowledge. Over the last several months I have developed distaste for the national Republican Party and it has grown stronger by the day and now, by the minute. I would like to send a few messages to the GOP.

First: Get over yourselves, do what is right for America. Ronald Reagan once said “I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.” I believe that if the Gipper were around today to witness the abhorrent behavior of the Republican Party, he would now be saying the same thing about them. He was a decent man, a fair man. I have no doubt that he would be disgusted with how you are acting. You have betrayed the 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not speak ill of any Republican” time and time again. Although this quote was made popular by Reagan, it was born of a former California Republican Party Chair, George Parkinson. I have no doubt that Ronald Reagan and Mr. Parkinson are turning over in their graves.

Second:  to the national Republican Party members I say – Who the hell do you think you are?

Never mind, the answer is obvious. You think you are the kingmakers. You think that only you and your good old boys and girls network know what is best for our country. Even worse you think that we, the American people are stupid. Guess again Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, the Bush family, and all of your lemmings. We are smart enough to see that you think you are irreplaceable. We put you where you are and we can take you out in any given election. Has the term “public servant” lost all meaning for the bunch of you? Ignore the fact that we are the public and that you are the servant at your peril. If you insist on rattling the cage of this sleeping giant – fair-minded, conservative Americans – then beware. The roar is growing louder each day and soon it will be deafening.

I have been active as a volunteer in politics for a number of years including working on the campaigns of John McCain and George W. Bush, numerous governors, senators, and congressmen, and countless local representatives. I was the state chairman for Dr. Ben Carson. I have never been a Trump supporter but here we are. Mr. Trump has made his case to the American people and they have made their decision.

Third: Republican Party I ask you, is this the hill that you want to die on? It sure looks that way. Do you want to live to fight another day or do you want to bite off your nose to spite your face, as our mothers used to say? Are you so blinded from constantly looking inward that you can’t see that this will be your last stand? We see it. We see that if you buck the will of the people by continuing down this current path that you will lose much more than one presidential election. If you are determined to give this election to Hillary through your words and deeds then you also give her the selection of three to four Supreme Court justices. You give her the okay to permanently implement socialized medicine. You make abortion just another form of birth control. You take away our right to bear arms! You regulate small businesses out of business. You will allow illegal aliens to vote in our elections and you will treat them better than you do our military. You will force our Marines, soldiers, sailors, and airmen to serve under another Commander-in-Chief who has nothing but disdain for them. So, you whine that the presumptive nominee isn’t living up to your values? Hypocrites! You only value power, prestige, and status. You are willing to lose everything because you don’t like someone. Are you ten years old? Grow up! Put your country first!

The average American, in my opinion, believes that they conduct their day-to-day dealings and relationships with propriety and a spirit of fairness. Most Americans will instinctively react in a negative manner when they feel that someone is being treated unjustly. We will rush to their defense. We will accept no less of you whom we elected to represent us. It is your actions that have pushed average Americans to circle the wagons around, and to vote for, the one that you continue to attack. Do you really believe that you would be better able to compromise with Hillary than with Trump? You need to pull your collective head back in to the daylight and realize that for all of his faults, he is a businessman. He knows the art of compromise and we will hope and pray that he will use his business acumen to, as he says, make America great again. We must have faith that he will surround himself with good, experienced advisors.

In closing I would pose one last question to the GOP. Will this be your Armageddon? You decide.

Cathie Chevalier
Hudson, NH