Cthulu is a Poseur, SMOD is the Only Candidate Delivering Real Change

smod_2016_aAll the Cthulu sycophants peddling the tentacled one recently on this site have been tilting the Grok way off balance.  In an attempt to remedy that and put us back on a fair keel, we must remember SMOD!!! The only candidate who ON ELECTION DAY GUARANTEES to

Crush Common Core.

Smite out ISIS.

Obliterate Iran’s nuclear agenda.

Evaporate the National Debt


Now THAT’S change!





I’m a software guy with a penchant for football, hockey, music, current events and politics — mostly current events and politics. Having driven several conversations to silence while discussing the latter items, it has been intimated that I should blog about it; to purge it from my system so that we may return to enjoying social events and cocktail parties. Kind of like drawing venom from a snakebite so that the body may return to health. The body, in this clumsy metaphor, is the social life of my wife:0) So, game on! I’ve got opinions and I hope to persuade and look forward, in return, to be persuaded.