Yes, NH Rep Joe LaChance, you did it. The NH Advantage just died a little more as you wielded that knife

Nice to see how easy it is for the Republicans mentioned above to backslap themselves in advancing the Democrat agenda item in moving socialized medicine forward. Limited Government? Less intrusive Govt? Free Markets? Ah….nope.Just once again proving to the base that the NH GOP is really the Bipartisan Fusion Party (aka, the Jr. Lackeys of the Welfare State).

Soon we can add to that NH State Rep title and call you the “NH Income Tax Daddy”.  But that’s all right, there are plenty of Republican Leaders acting as your handmaidens in this birthing.  Let me just mention the Republican starring roles in this celebration of more taxes (as NH taxpayers are also Federal taxpayers – thanks for adding to our already hunched over shoulders from the burden you in the Political Class throw onto us) (emphasis mine, reformatted):

Gov. Hassan signs Medicaid expansion extension bill

NH Senate OK’s Medicaid expansion

CONCORD — About 50,000 low-income adults will be able to continue their health care coverage for two more years after Gov. Maggie Hassan signed House Bill 1696 into law Tuesday. “We did it,” said the bill’s prime sponsor, Rep. Joseph Lachance, R-Manchester, as he threw his arms in the air and the 100 or so people attending the bill-signing ceremony broke out in applause.

…Although he did not attend the ceremony, several speakers praised House Speaker Shawn Jasper, R-Hudson, for casting the tie-breaking vote for a provision to ensure the program would not end this year if federal regulators negate the work requirement. Senate Majority Leader Jeb Bradley, R-Wolfeboro, called Jasper a profile in courage who was the backbone to House approval of the reauthorization.

Not really courage – simply a Return On Investment for the NH House Democrats for putting Jasper into that seat. And then he

goes there and proves why Conservatives in the State don’t trust the NH GOP or its elected politicians: “bipartisanship compromise“:

In a statement, Jasper praised the hard work lawmakers did to achieve a compromise that is now law.  “I made it clear more than year ago that Medicaid Expansion would only be possible if we agreed on a plan that did not use New Hampshire tax dollars,” Jasper said. “I am proud to say that, by working together with the Senate, we were able to accomplish that goal.”

How ya gonna start filling that gap as the cost of the program? Especially as the Feds are about to NOT pay the freight? And thanks aGAIN for glossing over that those Fed dollars are being paid by NH based Federal tax payers, you lying chump.

Hassan also touted the bipartisan work to produce the compromise legislation saying New Hampshire lawmakers do come together to do what is best for the state.

Yep, once again, bipartisan and compromise in legislation means leaving the Republican Principles behind and forwarding of the Democrat Agenda aGAIN (see my comment above that I put at the bottom of UL peice).

Is this now the new real purpose of the NH GOP?