Here is the NH GOP Chair doing the rah-rah for Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion

BUMPED: in doing some research (after all, we pretty much talk about all things political so with close to 25,000 posts, the ‘Grok has become its own research center), I came across this where NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn was boosting Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion.  First published on 11/18/2013, it shows that, 3 years later, how well the Bipartisan Fusion Party / Jr. Lackeys of the Welfare State had “the fix” in even back then.


NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn – I hear you are going around the State talking to activists; I invite you to talk with the GraniteGrok activists (and State Committee members) on GrokTALK!  Half hour, an hour, or the full two hours – let’s have that discussion!

There IS no other way to put it – expanding Medicaid IS implementing Obamacare.  There would be no Medicare Expansion if Obamacare had not been enacted.  Yet, NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn issued a Press release on 11/7 congratulating NH Senate Republicans (re: NH State Senators Chuck Morse and Jeb Bradley) concerning the rollout of Obama’s Medicaid Expansion.  Once again, I ask: what about the Platform that saysignore me whenever it becomes inconvenient?” (emphasis mine):

NH GOP Republican State Committee

For Immediate Release: November 7, 2013
Contact: NHGOP Press, (603) 225-9341


Concord – New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Jennifer Horn released the following statement today on the health care plan proposed by Senate Republicans:

“Republicans and Democrats share the goal of expanding access to health care for New Hampshire’s low income families. However, Republicans understand that the best way to reach this objective is to offer access to high quality private insurance instead of pushing them into a broken, financially struggling entitlement program.

“Senator Republicans have developed a sensible plan that helps low-income people get private insurance and prevents a fiscal crisis that will impose an income tax on Granite State families. They have worked across the aisle to develop a solution that is right for New Hampshire. It is time for Governor Hassan to put aside her rigid, partisan ideology and embrace this responsible plan that will help working families access the quality health care that they need.”

Again, NO ONE and NO LAW is forcing NH to expand Medicare even as I have been told it is mandatory.
That one word, in this context, is a lie! What is being done by the Republican Establishment, contra the base and the Platform, is a thumb in the eye of the base and the Platform.  They feel free to do what they wish, regardless of Principles.  This is being powered by:

  • The Lure of Federal money (we hear it is free – how come my wallet is lighter?)
  • Taking a political issue “off the table” so as to not have it used against them (think incumbent protection act) by the Democrats as a club

I have yet to hear a cogent argument to the question of “and what will you do when the Feds stop sending the money?” – it gets brushed under the rug.  Thus, I am left with only the two observations above.  For years, we have argued that Republicans should be following the Platform – it can’t get any plainer or clearer on this than this:

  • Oppose the implementation of Obamacare in New Hampshire
  • Increase the use of market forces to improve health care and lower costs
  • Allow free market driven health care plans and “ala carte” insurance plans free from government mandates. Allow purchase of insurance plans across state lines

And NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn is complicit in contravening this.  What is the Republican Party when its philosophical Platform is simply ignored – what DO the Republicans stand for?  Nothing said about helping to implement Obamacare.  Nothing is said about Obama’s bribe of $2.4 Billion to implement it with the Obama’s and Jeanne Shaheen’s Monopoly Insurance company, Anthem?  Nothing is said about Year 4 – when NH Taxpayers will have to pick up the tab?  And make no mistake, the Republicans will cave when the Democrats start yowling about “you are taking healthcare away from poor people!”.  Contra to what Ms. Horn says in her Presser, that’s when a broad based tax (sales or income tax) will be implemented.

If it was strictly NH Money being used, would she be so ready to say “Yay!”?  Ms. Horn, simply saying that “the Republican plan is to use private insurance” would ONLY cut it if we were being forced into this – but we aren’t!  Otherwise, it is just a slight spin on the same program – taking people who are being responsible and paying for insurance and making them government dependents.  Instead of fighting it and stopping it, how can I NOT say that Republicans are acting like the Jr. Partners in the Democrat Welfare State?  Forget the rhetoric, forget the snark – look only to the current actions and the future result: an expansion of the Welfare State.  More people in the cart and less pushing and pulling – how much further, Ms. Horn, before that tipping point comes when the whole thing just stops (remember, we already have 93 million

Take me with a grain of salt – even more now than before, I hold that Andrew Hemingway would have been better (and given current results of her three campaign promises, even *I* could step over that low bar).  I’m not talking personalities – this is based solely on a lack of results.  Of ALL people in the NH GOP, Ms. Horn should be THE Protector of the Platform – the essence of the brand called Republicanism.  The Federal Govt is already $17 T in debt – what are the plans for when the Sequester hits this pot of Gold?    When is enough, Ms. Horn, enough?  With this continued blurring of where Government should be and where it should not (actually, not a blurring but a Republican blessing of the Civil Society ‘crowd out’ by Progressive Government)?

You know, it seems like I’m going to be doing this a lot in the near future:

NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn – I hear you are going around the State talking to activists; I invite you to talk with the GraniteGrok activists (and State Committee members) on GrokTALK!  Half hour, an hour, or the full two hours – let’s have that discussion!