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Everytown hires Republican-owned NH lobbying firm to push gun control


Yesterday a hearing was held by the Criminal Justice and Public Safety Committee. One of the bills to be heard was Senate Bill 336 (SB 336). This bill ends almost 100 years of state-sanctioned discrimination in the Granite State by ending the “suitability” wording. The amended bill states that anyone who is legally able to purchase and possess a firearm according to state and federal law shall be granted a pistol/revolver license (PRL).

Currently, people who apply for PRLs can open carry without getting permission from the state. These are people who are legally able to purchase and possess firearms according to state and federal law. This bill will end state PRL issuers from abusing their authority and wrongfully denying law-abiding citizens their right to protect themselves how they see fit.

Very few in the state have actually been fighting against making these changes. The people who have been fighting to end discrimination have consistently outnumbered their opponents who are mostly nothing but state employees. Until yesterday. Suddenly there appeared a lobbyist who wanted to add a brand new amendment to the bill that had nothing to do with the bill.

The amendment was presented by Representative Welch and has a list of demands that Everytown wants in regards to background checks. This amendment has nothing to do with SB 336 but everything to do with the New York-based Every town (owned by billionaire hoplophobe Michael Bloomberg) pushing gun control in New Hampshire. This is an amendment that is being pushed by lobbying firm The Dupont Group, a Republican-owned lobbying firm that has takenEverytown on as one of their clients.

A New Hampshire lobbying firm is taking blood money from an out-of-state organization to push gun control against law-abiding Granite Staters in a state that is considered one of the “safest places on planet Earth.” The Dupont Group’s paid lobbyist representing Every town is Susan Paschell. She’s listed on the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s website. She’s listed as representing Everytown for Gun Safety Action Fund out of New York City.

Why does Everytown suddenly care about spending money in a state that has one of the lowest crime rates in the entire country? Why would any New Hampshire firm, especially one owned by a former Republican Senate President, want to hurt its fellow Granite Staters by pushing gun control in a state where it’s clear there are no issues?

Everytown has little to no support in the state as proven by the pathetic hacks of Moms Demand (all 5 of them). Since no new gun control has been passed and since it appears actual grassroots activists are getting closer to ending state-sanctioned discrimination, is Everytown realizing that the people are actually winning against the state and paid hacks?

This is further proof that Everytown doesn’t care about actual gun violence (there is statistically NONE in New Hampshire) but that they are pushing control over law-abiding citizens. Everytown doesn’t care about “gun safety,” they want to ban firearms. Why waste money in a state that sees no need for their draconian laws? Sadly, a New Hampshire lobbying firm thinks blood money from an out-of-state gun control organization is more important than the rights of citizens in the state.