Data Point - Job Growth or Stagflation? - Granite Grok

Data Point – Job Growth or Stagflation?

Take that 14.4 million job growth number. That sounds impressive doesn’t it? But that job growth is stretched over almost six full years, during which time the working age population grew by 15.8 million.  In that respect, we’ve lost ground on jobs under Obama.

“What’s more, that 14.4 million increase in jobs is measured against when the job market hit rock bottom in February 2010. If you compare the current number of jobs to the previous jobs peak in January 2008 — which is how job growth is normally measured —


the number of private-sector jobs has increased just 5.6 million. During that time, the population grew by more than 20 million. In other words, there’s a jobs gap of more than 14 million.”

I’ve been saying this for quite some time – growth would be hit around 350,000 jobs / month consistently – and we are nowhere close to that.  Continued growth is good but ONLY if it keeps up with population growth.

Policy matters when Government increasing intrudes into the marketplace – and it is clear, simply by results, that the Obama Administration’s actions (based on socialist / Statists philosophy) have come up way short.

(H/T: IBD)