"1-in-5 College Coeds get raped"; if true, why aren't our colleges flooded with police? - Granite Grok

“1-in-5 College Coeds get raped”; if true, why aren’t our colleges flooded with police?

I’ve heard this stat for a long time and I’ve scratch my head ever since – if 20% of women on college campuses were actually rape victims, why do we still have coed dorms (or coed floors in those dorms)?  Why aren’t RAs patrolling the halls all the time (and “hallway pass monitors”  in the academic buildings)?  CCTV cameras all over the place? Why are campuses leading the charge for letting men into womens’ bathrooms and locker rooms?

Better yet – why aren’t these attacks, if they really exist, on the TV every night?  Front page of newspapers?  Why isn’t the blogosphere just lit up all over all the time with post after post after post about them?  But all we have is <crickets noises>.  So, why have the “womyn studies” and  “Womyn centers” and NOW and all of the other militant female organizations so quiet? AND WHY WOULD PARENTS KEEP SENDING THEIR DAUGHTERS (and their sons) TO COLLEGE if this was true?

Watch the video, and see how this unfounded claim not only damages the quality of education at our colleges and universities but also shamefully destroys the lives of the accused and violates one of our most important constitutional protections by assigning guilt without due process.

Yep, a bunch of hooey IF you look at the actual stats AND how the definitions of common words are being distorted.  Which is why I tell conservatives, before engaging in an discussion, argument, or debate, NAIL down the definitions cold.  Otherwise, you’ll lose.

(H/T: Liberty Unyielding)