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So whom will stonewall whom?


Stonewall: State Dept may not finish review of Top Secret Clinton emails until after election

One of the last issues to be resolved after all of Hillary Clinton’s emails are released is what to do about the Top Secret ones which the public will never see. The obvious question for the FBI to deal with is if there was any wrongdoing which would further add to a potential criminal case. But nothing can happen until the State Department finishes evaluating the super secret material and determine if it was classified at birth and if it represented a threat to national security and a violation of the rules.


Hillary Email Indictment Watch: State Department Staffer Given Immunity

…This is big news. People don’t get immunity deals from the federal government unless they have something big. And it would appear the Justice Department has something big because they have just given immunity to a familiar player in the email scandal:

…In a statement, Brian Fallon, a spokesman for the Clinton campaign, said: “As we have said since last summer, Secretary Clinton has been cooperating with the Department of Justice’s security inquiry, including offering in August to meet with them to assist their efforts if needed.”

Clinton is the one that is using the phrase “security inquiry” – the FBI that is doing the investigation doesn’t “do” security inquiries, they do criminal investigations.  And those are not done on “hardware”, they are done on “wetware” – people.  And for as much as a robot she plays during this campaign, she is wetware (I think).

There has been much talk about the scenario of the FBI pushing for an indictment (which IF the evidence would support it and with the emails coming out and the classified nature of them from Clinton’s server, it sounds like the evidence may be there) but since only the Department of Justice (re: Obama’s political appointee Loretta Lynch at the top – AND the FBI reports to her) can issue the indictment.

So it seems it is rolling along but the question will be, a la Obama standard procedure, will it really wait until after the election?  If it does, there really can only be two outcomes IF she is indicted:

  • She becomes our first indicted President right from launch; can she pardon herself?  Do you think she is of the sort that would do that (as opposed to stepping down?  Does her sense of self-aggrandizement outweigh a sense of Law and doing the right thing?
  • Indicted, wins – would Obama pardon her?  And if so, how would that color her entire Presidency?

And of course, in case she loses the election, what would a President Trump, Cruz, or Rubio do?  Pardon or prosecute?

Footnote: The Staffer is called Bryan Pagliano, and he was the Clinton campaign staffer who got paid to set up the private server. You can read more about him, and our recommendation that he enter witness protection ASAP, here. [Mike]