Our State Department can’t even identify the group targeted by Muslims: Christians

Yesterday was Easter, the most holy day in the Christian calendar.  While Christmas seems to get the main billing in our secularized society, it is only the remembrance of His birth.  Easter is the observation of Jesus’s Resurrection – the entire event that defines what Christianity is – that God was made Man while still being God and willingly dying on the Cross as a propitiation for our sins.  In Pakistan, Muslim members of the Taliban deliberately targeted Christians observing Easter with a suicide bomber, killing around 60 and injuring hundreds more.

So what do you think our State Department formally said about this?  Do you think this religiously motivated attack included, you know, words describing those religions? Er….

NOT. A. Single. WORD.  Not a word about it being Easter.  Not a word about the attackers being Muslim.  Not a word about the victims being Christians.  Just like the State Department has taken YEARS to declare that Al Queda and ISIS have waged a religiously based genocide in the Middle East, wiping out Christians from the areas they control, are we about to see it replayed every where Islamists target Christians (and all other religions)?  There is no doubt that the Obama Administration is of the Left – isn’t the phrase “Speak TRUTH To Power” a phrase of the Left?

So where is the “Truth”, Admiral Kirby?  Why such reticence when the Truth is all over the news?

Oh, I know:

I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in an ugly direction.” – Barack Hussein Obama, P 261 -“Audacity of Hope.”

(H/T: The Blaze)

by Skip

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