Obamacare – distorting in the Lakes Region

“…by the Affordable Care Act

Obamacare -Year of the SnakeOnce again, the blame resides entirely with Democrats for these job losses that otherwise would not occur – not a single Republican in the US House or Senate voted to effectively nationalize the nation’s healthcare and healthcare insurance industries.  And as we go further into it, we see that costs are going up, this Affordable Care Act is turning more and more unaffordable, and it is having large negative impacts on the “little people” that Democrats profess to be for.  Such is the transformation that Obama promised.  From the Laconia Citizen (emphasis mine, reformatted):

58 lose jobs at LRGHealthcare

LACONIA — Changes in healthcare delivery and resulting financial challenges led to the layoff of more than four dozen workers at LRGHealthcare in Laconia on Tuesday.  The staff reduction of 58 LRGHealthcare employees amounts to less than 4 percent of the LRGH workforce.

“With increased patient volumes coupled with higher costs and generally lower reimbursements than we historically received, our challenge is to staff our campuses in line with these changes,” said Seth Warren, LRGHealthcare President and CEO. He said that LRGHealthcare reviewed operations to meet the shifting emphasis from hospital admissions to outpatient care and value-based population health changes in the market brought about by the Affordable Care Act.

Only one reason for the layoffs – Democrat politicians who decided they knew better and more about healthcare than those that are actually in those industries – F.A. Hayek’s pretense of knowledge that a few people can make decisions better than the combined wisdom of millions in the free market.