NH Democrats double down on state-sanctioned racism and discrimination


Yesterday New Hampshire Senate Democrats decided to own racism, discrimination and gender bias. They voted against an amendment to Senate Bill 336 that would end over 90 years of state-sanctioned racism and discrimination. Rather than end these practices they decided to double down on them by voting for another amendment presented by Senator David Pierce that gives local authorities the means to freely discriminate against anyone for any reason they deem ‘suitable.’

This is after Senators Laskey and Pierce seemed to finally comprehend that women and others were being discriminated against when it comes to the pistol licensing law. On March 16th the Judiciary Committee reported that Senate Bill 336 with Amendment 1046s ‘Ought to Pass.’ This amendment would end the racism and discrimination that has been allowed for decades.

What happened? Apparently Governor Hassan’s out-of-state gun control extremist supporters told her she can’t possibly vote for this bill. Since Hassan is running for U.S. Senate, she clearly decided to do what’s best for her fundraising pocket rather than the people of New Hampshire. Of course, this is the same woman who admitted she knows women are being discriminated against but believes they can just go to court to resolve the issue.

So Senate Democrats did what all good party Democrats do and bent over for their party bosses. It doesn’t matter that a majority of Granite Staters are for changing the law. It doesn’t matter that the people of New Hampshire continue to suffer under these oppressive laws. What matters are party politics and political donors of Democrats and Maggie Hassan.

What also doesn’t matter is that several New Hampshire Police Chiefs have been found to be ‘unsuitable’ to even hold their positions yet Democrats want to continue to give them power over women, minorities and other Granite Staters rather than simply upholding their oath to obey the Constitution. The party that pretends to be for equal rights has shown their true colors once again. Unfortunately, that color is cowardly yellow. New Hampshire Senate Democrats doubled down on racism and discrimination all in the name of party politics; women’s rights, LGBT rights, minority rights and the will of the people be damned.