Kyle Tasker is Your Fault

Elaine Andres Ahern
Shurtleff and Jasper join Ahern in their disdain for voters

Kyle Tasker resigned his House seat Wednesday, probably before they voted to boot him out. Tasker was arrested for possession with intent to sell and soliciting sex from a minor over the internet, which we talked about here. And there is more to discuss on those points. But that’s not the story today. Today, according to NH’s own Ruling Class, Kyle Tasker is your fault.

“We don’t elect them, we try to do the best we can when they get here,” said House Speaker Shawn Jasper.

According to Jasper, Tasker was infamous for showing up to sessions reeking of alcohol and sometimes marijuana.

“I was not surprised at the drug charges. I certainly was in terms of the solicitation of a minor. That was rather shocking,” Jasper said Wednesday.

And it isn’t just Reps registered as Republicans who think you are to blame.

“I am really disappointed for the citizens of New Hampshire, because it brings discredit to the House,” said Democratic Minority Leader Steve Shurtleff.

But state leaders say they can only do so much. It’s the Rockingham District 2 voters who elected Tasker into the House for three terms.

“I would put burden somewhat on voters,” Shurtleff said.

Sometime New Hampshire Democrat House Rep. Elaine Andrewes Ahern explained the ruling class disdain for “voters” back in 2014 when her constituents failed to re-elect her to the New Hampshire House.

“I think people are so unbelievably unsophisticated,” Andrews-Ahearn said. “They do not pay attention to the elections, they do not know who they are voting for and they do not vote. We refer to this problem as ‘low information voters,’ and it’s a huge problem in the state of New Hampshire.”

She put the burden on the voters. You’ve become too dumb to know what’s best for you.

The ruling class in Concord (and DC) all think this way. You are the problem. Because of you they have to put up with legislators like Kyle Tasker.

Shurtleff, by the way, isn’t really referring to Kyle’s behavior or the criminal charges. That’s just a convenient cover. He’s on line with Ahern. The problem with Tasker is his voters. His district chose a pro-liberty Republican who voted the party platform, and after every reelection they got that. A rare thing these days in our government. Tasker voted the way they wanted and not the way Jasper, Shurtleff, Ahern, and company would prefer.

The fact is that even if Tasker were the button-down, straitlaced, law-abiding type, he’d still be voting the wrong way.

Jasper, Shurtleff, Ahern and the other elites, the Democrats, the RINO establishment, want sheep. They want legislators who vote the way they say because the ruling class is smarter than you and NECN just quoted them. “We don’t elect them.” “I would put the burden on the voters.”

And don’t forget Ahern: “I think people are unbelievably unsophisticated…. They do not know who they are voting for.”

The Democrats have worked out their discipline problem, by the way. I don’t mean the personal behavior or the voters behavior; I mean the legislative variety. They’ve intimidated or brainwashed most if not all of their caucus. You can’t even run if you haven’t been vetted. Democrat voters don’t get the opportunity to pick the wrong guy or gal but if one slips through they quickly weed them out.

When you vote for a Democrat in New Hampshire, no matter where you live or what your local priorities may be, with rare exception what you get is an inside-the-beltway national Democrat party agenda. More government, central planning, higher taxes, more bureaucratic red-tape from Washington.

To help that along, if you’ve forgotten, there is a long list of New Hampshire Democrats, many of whom have been or are in elected office, or appointed or hired to work in state government, who let people from other states vote from their homes–sometimes without ever having set foot in them or in New Hampshire. They let them steal your vote because you can’t be trusted to vote for the sort of people who will do what they want.

Establishment Republicans have never EVER mounted serious opposition to this practice.

Shawn Jasper is the Speaker of the NH House because Democrats put him there. They put him there because they couldn’t elect a Democrat to the role and he is more likely to advance their agenda. He has, and he does.

And Kyle Tasker, dirt bag or otherwise, consistently voted in opposition to that agenda because his voters wanted a platform Republican and a pro-liberty vote in the NH House year after year.

Kyle Tasker is your fault.

Your job, however, is not to make sure your representatives follow the law or are held to account if or when they break the law after you elect them. Your job is to look for someone who will vote in defense of your ideas about your (self, family, friends, town, counties) relationship to government. Those elected Reps are obligated and under oath to follow the laws of the State of New Hampshire. They are beholden to them and must accept the consequences for breaking those laws. And I’d not advise electing officers to the General Court who are criminals but if you avoided every candidate with the potential to commit crimes the State House would stand empty.

The Jaspers, Shurtleffs, and Aherns of the world would disagree. They are of the opinion that a superior class of person exists in the form of legislators who agree with them. People who agree that government exists to rule you because you are unbelievably unsophisticated.

This elitist culture, by the way, is why the Republican establishment has lost so much credibility and traction. It is why we have Donald Trump.