John Kasich: “I got into politics…to change the world”

by Skip

kasich - Med Exp illegals Common Core gun bans SSM

From that screenshot, can you tell him apart from any run of the mill Democrat (much less Hillary or Bernie, who share those values)?  Go here to see which NH politicians share those values by their endorsements (like Judd Gregg and John E Sununu).

He was quoted on WMUR on that line a couple of nights ago.  When I heard it, I just shook my head – what Conservative would say such a thing?  Conservatarians don’t want to change the world they want to, you know, conserve it.  We don’t believe we are the ones that should (or can) force large numbers of folks to change their lifestyles just because we think it would be better for them.  Oh sure, we may try to persuade them of it but ultimately it is their choice.

“I got into politics” – let me translate: “I got into politics so that I could get my hands on the levers of power to change“; again, changing the world means not-things-but-people.  You know who in politics wants to change people?  Yeah: Progressives / Socialists / Communists / Democrats.  They aren’t happy with who you are now and believe they have the freedom to alter you even as they restrict your freedom to do so. They are creatures of Government – it is both their creche, their refuge – and their tool.  And they use Government as their lever – against Individuals (that would be us) as we have failed them.

It is clear that Kasich is a Big Government politician -and has been revealing it more and more as this primary season proceeds. It is clear that while he has an R after his name, his policies have a D.

Full Disclosure: GraniteGrok has endorsed Ted Cruz.

(Image H/T: RedState)


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