Instapundit answers THE question of last night's riot at cancelled Trump rally - Granite Grok

Instapundit answers THE question of last night’s riot at cancelled Trump rally


I remember people saying that back in 1968, too. Back then, it was the New Left radicals attacking (literally a riot) their “own” Party, the Democrats.  Now, the New Left (organized by is going after Trump – who breaks every conceivable Political Correctness out there.  And we are now seeing, outside of college campuses), what happens to those that violate their religious tenets.  There can be no dissent allowed from that Leftist orthodoxy (just look how many times the Left has tried to silence and diminish the ‘Grok simply because we hold different political and moral views.

In America, we used to value Free Speech – the Founders incorporated it into the First Amendment.  Yet, we see the Left willngly and actively working against the US Constitution and depriving not only Trump of his Free Speech but his followers of their right to Free Association.  Their aim was in line with their chant of “this is what Democracy looks like” – this is just the age old tactic of Socialism, Communism, and Fascism to deny speech to any that disagree with him.

So Bernie (and the reporting was that many Bernie supporters were n that angry crowd), is this your version of “democracy” – the mob mentality?

(H/T: Instapundit)