Bill O’Brien on Why He Voted “FOR” Medicaid Expansion in the NH House

Bill O'BrienFrom Bill, on Facebook.

I have received a number of questions on Facebook and in emails about why I voted “for” Medicaid Expansion.

As the debate reached a conclusion, a number of us were attempting to move for reconsideration of the vote that effectively eliminated the work requirement. The ruling of the Speaker was that in order to do that, we would have to wait until the vote on the main motion of Ought to Pass as Amended and then first move to reconsider that vote. Only if we won on that first motion to reconsider could we then move to reconsider the vote on the amendment that would allow the federal government to throw out the work requirement.

But there was a hitch in that scenario. Someone had to vote for Medicaid Expansion in order to be on the prevailing side and then have standing to move to reconsider. Knowing I am not going to run for re-election and therefore would not have to keep explaining the intricacies of legislative procedure that requires a vote in one direction in order to go in another direction, I was that sacrificial lamb.

Bill O’Brien