This guy makes NH GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey look like a piker

by Skip

Yes, that NH GOP Committeeman Steve Duprey who gives money to Planned Parenthood’s political action committee.  Yes, that PPPAC that has vowed to remove NH Senator Kelly Ayotte from her seat in the US Senate.  Yes, we have cataloged (probably much to the dismay of Renee Plummer and NH State Rep Joe LaChance) the evil that “Republicans” have done to undermine the Republican message (and hate us for doing so).

But this guy, THIS Republican from Ohio who endorsed Kasich, takes the Duprey duplicity SEVERAL levels above:

This OH GOP Official Endorsed John Kasich Yet His PAC Gave Thousands To Democrats

Who is Matthew Cox? Many people outside of Ohio probably have no idea. Cox is an attorney and lobbyist, President of Cox Consulting Group. Cox also works with a company called GOP Convention Strategies. While not affiliated officially with the Republican National Committee, the firm promises to connect their clients with high powered people in government, the RNC, the media and private organizations. Cox is also a member of the Ohio GOP Central Committee and he has personally endorsed John Kasich for President.

Cox also has a PAC, called CCG PAC. It has made thousands of dollars of donations.

And then it goes on to list a bunch of Democrats that were recipient of his largesse.

To Democrats

…Cox is likely to make a good deal of money at the Republican National Convention this summer through GOP Convention Strategies. He’s also an appointee to a role within the Ohio state GOP.

It doesn’t make much sense his PAC gave money to candidates looking to defeat Republicans.

But we can still consider this guy and Duprey kissing cousins – act alike, be alike.  How many more of these types of Republicans are there?

And they wonder why the base voted for the “outsiders” here in NH and the more Establishment folks got schmucked?  It is because of crass stupidity like this – profess one thing but DO another.  Better yet, thinking that it doesn’t matter what the base thinks – they can get away with it.  It’s like what Steve said (paraphrased): we can’t trust their words but should judge their actions.

Maybe the lesson still has to be learned?

(H/T: RedState)

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