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Robotic Rubio Reamed In Debate!

Headline Shamelessly Stolen From !

Short-Circuit-Rubio-Robotic-Repeat Marco Rubio is between a rock and a hard place – the GOPe old-timers haven’t quite welcomed him into the club, and conservatives abandoned him after the “Gang of Eight” shamnesty bill.

While Ted Cruz and even Trump, were happy to play “prevent defense” in the early part of the debate, and avoid naming competitors directly, Rubio was so desperate to stay on top of the establishment “lane” in this race, that he went on the attack against Christie, leaving an opening so broad that he might as well have walked into a buzz saw!

Marco had a good talking point about Obama’s damage to the USA being deliberate, but he tried to re-use it during his defense against Christie’s direct hits on his inexperience and record. BAD mistake!
BOOM – Christie pounced, decrying the short response followed by a repeated talking point.
Bzzzzt! Rubio’s brain shorted out like a cheap SatNav trapped in a single lane road, and started repeating the SAME TALKING POINT!!
ZZAPP! Christie only had to say “There it is. There it is. The memorized 25-second speech. There it is, everybody.”

(At least the cheap SatNav plaintively says “please make a U-turn”, but Rubio walked smack into the trap and didn’t recover.)


I witnessed the meltdown myself, but credit ConservativeHQ’s headline for inspiring my illustration