NH GOP Republicans had the chance to do this, too

Right to workBut too many of them are actually beholden to unions themselves, value their seats over Principles, or are outright Democrats masquerading as Republicans. Or, really, are just spineless political protoplasm?  Me?  I think it is more the latter than the others.  They are UNWILLING to stand up for Principles that they mouth the words to.  Could they even find it in themselves to aspire to better?  Like these guys?

Over Governor’s Veto, West Virginia Becomes 26th State to Pass Right-to-Work

West Virginia Republicans overrode a veto by Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin on Friday, successfully passing right-to-work.

Tomblin,a Democrat, vetoed the measure Thursday after expressing concern that it would not help stimulate the economy as some claimed. The policy outlaws mandatory union dues or fees as a condition of employment. Republicans argued that it could help reverse decades of bad economic policies enacted under previous Democratic control.

Frankly, the union whimpering about this allowing non-union folks to piggybacking on their “negotiations” is a red herring.  If it was all that dang important, simply say “ok dude, do it yourself”.  But they’d never, EVER say it or bring it up.

Because once they did, and once the unionistas had to recognize that better deals could be had, with a lot more freedom to go with it, they’d lose.  Like they have in Wisconsin.  Once the Force of Government was removed from the marketplace, formerly union people went solo – because they personally benefited from it.  If people want to band together, great, let them.  But where’s the Freedom in forcing workers into unions? Wasn’t this country created on the idea of Individual Freedom?

And with union participation so low, the union bosses know they aren’t “the heart of the Middle Class” anymore – and haven’t been for decades.  Only in Government are there large numbers of unions and the reasons for that are simple:

  • There is no competition to keep them in check
  • They have become a force within government determining which politicians will govern them – as evil a feedback loop can be.

But the Republicans there, as opposed to those here in NH, stood up and made it happen:

Republicans wasted no time and, in less than a day, voted to override the veto, making West Virginia the 26th right-to-work state.

“With the House of Delegates and Senate overriding Gov. Tomblin’s veto of the Right to Work Bill, West Virginia is now America’s 26th Right to Work state,” National Right to Work Committee President Mark Mix said in a statement to The Daily Caller News Foundation. “Now, more than half of the states have enacted Right to Work laws to protect workers’ fundamental right to freedom of association.”

So half the country has thrown off the shackles of union dependency and power grabbing.  Compared to these guys, the NH GOP politicians like the Democrat position more.