Loony Lefties Infiltrate Cruz Event in Raymond – His Response? Priceless

by Kimberly Morin


Some left wing loons infiltrated a Cruz event in Raymond, NH today.

Apparently they think he’s a vampire or something? Who knows how their tiny little minds work.

Cruz’s response was PRICELESS.

Watch the video below:


h/t Dana Hanson for the video!

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  • Michael

    Look into the mirror? What’s that a reference to? Like a vampire reference? I guess I don’t get it.

  • sb

    Lefties believe in whatever works for the task at hand.

  • It’s amazing that anyone could fail to see this for what it really was, much less credit Cruz with a “priceless” response.

    The people who perpetrated this got exactly what they wanted. They were highlighting the fact that it’s people like Cruz who believe in this kind of nonsense in the first place, and they knew that people with no sense of irony whatsoever would mock them for believing in demon possession (which they clearly don’t). No one who believes in a god-man who will come swooping down from the skies to “save” his followers has any business making fun of any other religion along with exorcism, witchcraft, ghosts or any of the other woo-woo available for the credulous to embrace. Yet that’s what is happening here and elsewhere on the Web.

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