Kevin M. Beck's Mother Has "The Sense To Move On" - Granite Grok

Kevin M. Beck’s Mother Has “The Sense To Move On”

Kevin Peter Pan Beck inverted

Granite Grok has a troll, currently from Boulder, Colorado, who had not–that long ago–his mother trolling here as well. I took notice of this odd phenomenon and began writing about it.It seemed a bit out of place that a 46 year old would need his mother to go along with him on his trolling expedition. Maybe she let him camp in the back yard when school was out. That must have seemed harmless enough – at the time.

But look at what can happen when a mother hovers over a boy for too long. You wind up with a 46 year old troll who haunts a simple political blog from 2000 miles away

The troll’s mother dropped a bomb in one of her comments here on Granite Grok – she made fun of one of the Grok’s former writers – in a knee-jerk effort to rescue her precious snowflake troll of a son from looking immature and nasty. That is his writing style. This reference to Doug was also a warning shot to any of us writers here that the same fate that fell upon our former writer Doug could well happen to any one of us – if we kept exposing her boy as a fool.

The troll’s mother was also trying to end what I believe is a pattern with her son of getting himself into situations that are embarrassing to her as well. There is a good possibility mom wishes her boy, Peter Kevin Pan, would have done more with his life. I mentioned this in one of my comments and instantly his mom stopped commenting.

And now THIS in Kevin M. Beck’s own words:

“My mother is anything but ashamed of me — looks like Ed had dug depper into the minefield of projection. The closest my mom would ever come to that is scowling at me for continuing to engage these GG dirtbags when she herself had the sense to move on.”

As we “had dug depper and depper” into why Kevin M. Beck’s mother is so ashamed of him we do have to salute his mom for having the good sense to stop trolling here. A consistent dose of non-hovering is what Kevin M. Beck needs more than anything.

In my next article, if I am forced to, I will explore exactly what it is about Kevin M. Beck his mother is so ashamed of.