Former NH Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien on Voter Fraud this past FITN Primay

...Speaker of the House Bill O'Brien
…Speaker of the House Bill O’Brien

NRO via Hot Air (emphasis mine):

GOP state representative Bill O’Brien, who was the speaker of New Hampshire’s house when the voter-ID bill passed in 2012, is appalled by just how porous its enforcement was in this year’s primary. “It’s an embarrassment this should happen in a state that is accorded the right to the first primary,” he told me. “More of this and people from outside the state will start to question that status, which would be very sad.”

But deserved.  Given our status and its importance in setting the pace for the Prez Wannabe primary, those outside of NH should be able to depend on an level field yielding a fair, honest, and correct result.  Voter Fraud upsets that.  So, others SHOULD be looking at this and go “Really?  Like all those districts that didn’t have ONE vote for Romney?  Is that going on in NH”?

O’Brien points out that the state constitution clearly says that the right to vote in New Hampshire is connected to someone’s actually living in the state. “But the local courts have basically reinterpreted that to mean you have a state of mind that you intend to live in New Hampshire and that should be enough to allow you to vote.” Even so, he says that some of the activities seen in O’Keefe’s video are clearly fraudulent. “We once had 50 voters use the administrative office of a local college as their legal address in New Hampshire,” he recounted. “They were clearly out-of-state campaign workers voting.”

So here is the Stupid Party, the NH GOP being its local branch, once again can’t even figure out that it HAS shoe laces (far before thinking that it ought to tie them).  It spends an ungodly amount of time and effort trying to defend having the First In The Nation Primary at the RNC level.  Every year we hear that the NH GOP has to defend itself against claims that we are too small, too white, too old, too rich, too….you get the idea.  That we aren’t representative of the national Republican population.

All that effort but it won’t pick up its own room?  Yes, there is voter fraud on the Republican side, but there is way more on the Democrat side (as our current series of reporting on Project Veritas / CNHT latest work and video are showing).  So I ask this question (leaving aside the question why the NH GOP is still OK with the open primary system that turns over the ground in which the Voter Fraud seeds can grow):

Why should the RNC allow the Republican FITN stay in NH if the NH GOP isn’t going to mount a full on frontal assault on the NH Dems about their malfeasance concerning Voter Fraud?

The Dems don’t care else they would have policed themselves – theirs will continue regardless.  It seems, however, the NH GOP (via inaction) doesn’t care.  The analogy is quite similar to our War on Terrorism – spend all kinds of money to defend the US BUT leave the southern border wide open.

It just doesn’t compute.  Or make sense.  But it does show a whole boatload of stupidity.

HORN-Drink-the-damned-Kool-Aid2And on THAT note, we circle back to NH GOP Chair Jennifer Horn – what ARE you really going to do about this?  You can’t skirt around this issue merely by trying to fundraise off of somebody else’s efforts and results (although you are well known for doing exactly that)

Not even a single character about looking into itself.  What are you going to do now that you have brought the Big Flashlight onto yourself (writing fundraisers tend to do that)? What are you going to do over the long term instead of just cheap short term PR?  We’ll keep asking the most knowledgeable person in NH to see if you contact him (that would be Ed), stay in contact with him, and see if you actually DO something instead of just dribbling words about it.