NH State Rep Joe LaChance: “I will EXPOSE YOU!”. Guess he wants to be the next

by Skip

Al Litizio and Dennis Senibaldi.  Remember, they started whimpering like feral curs after they attacked fellow Grokster Kimberly (as well as threatening GraniteGrok with legal proceedings).  We don’t cotton to that much around here.  As the Knight Templar said in Indiana Jones and the Holy Grail: “He [they] chose poorly”.  Now someone else has made the same decision.  Silly wabbit.

Donkey ButtYes, NH State Rep Joe LaChance who said that this past week to a little ole’ sweet Texan belle friend of our: Susan Olsen.  That would be OUR Susan Olsen as she was challenging him on being the Prime Sponsor (and perhaps, patsy) for the NH Republican cum Democrat Leadership cabal to continue foisting Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion, thinking that his fellow NH citizens are too stupid and will believe “NH taxpayers will never pay for this”.  What a dope – I guess he’s at the lower end of the scale for not realizing that most NH taxpayers are also FEDERAL taxpayers.  By being the Leadership’s scapegoat, thanks for picking my pocket (as well as condemning 10s of thousands of our fellow NH residents to Medicaid because if you fall into  its clutches YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO PURCHASE their own insurance; that’s the law.

It’s not like these facts aren’t known – we’ve been blogging about Obamacare for years.  And just for the record, numbnuts, here’s the Supreme Court decision that said that Obamacare Medicaid Expansion is NOT mandatory settled law – that it was deemed to be unconstitutional and coercive to withhold other Federal funds because a State refused to expand their Medicaid Expansion.  Hey, I guess we could hold a class for both you AND NH State Senator Nancy Stiles who didn’t believe me either.

We’ll be HAPPY to give you an education.  Oh, that starts now –   we talked about you during this past Saturday’s GrokTALK!, especially during the pre-show.  I’ll post that up soon.

OK, Big Boy (who felt it perfectly fine to threaten a woman – wanting to start your own War On Women?  Oh, that’s ok in you position?  Sure it is – you’re continuing to advance the Democrat agenda in a very big way.  Dude, let’s see whatcha got, eh?

Now, Ms. Susan is a kindly lady – offer your terms of surrender and I am quite sure she will give them the due respect they deserve.

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