More Evasions From Christie

From WSJ, we learn that Christie’s habit of telling just a little bit of “like it is”, and hoping you won’t research the facts on the ground in NJ, extends to Common Core, and is attracting attacks and losing votes:

LE MARS, Iowa—At a town hall meeting with Republican presidential hopeful Chris Christie on Sunday, [he was asked about Common Core].

“In New Jersey, it’s now gone,” the two-term governor told the crowd of about 150 people. “We’re getting rid of it.”

ChrisChristiePinocchioNot exactly. A state education panel recommended changing the name of the standards and suggested making some tweaks, but didn’t completely abandon the grade-level benchmarks in math and reading, education officials said.

See our previous story on gun permits and Medicaid expansion.

Can elephants tap-dance? We may be about to find out – speed up the music and pass the popcorn!

by Mike

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