The Four Horsemen Of The GOPe-ocalypse

by Mike

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls - it tolls for the GOP-e

Do not ask for whom the bell tolls – it tolls for the GOP-e

At New Year, Conservative HQ published an article titled “2015: The Year The American Establishment Committed Suicide.

It lists a few of the most egregious failures of the Washington Establishment, and asks if the average American would call Government to solve the problems, which were mostly of government’s making anyway?

No, at this point, if you are a normal country class American [not ruling class], you conclude that the established institutions of your country are dead or dying – and they are dying not because some outside competitor killed them – they are dead because they killed themselves through their own greed, incompetence and corruption.

That’s where we are at the end of 2015; the American establishment is dead – or dying – of its own greed, incompetence and corruption, so who decides what happens next?

From our perspective here at CHQ that’s the real question to be decided in the 2016 election. It isn’t just who will occupy what office; it is, “Who will decide what replaces the dead husks of the American political, business and cultural establishment?”

Well, that got me thinking, and I added a lengthy comment….

The Four Horsemen of the GOPe-ocalypse:

Hubris, Arrogance, Greed, and Corruption – these are the steeds which our “leaders” have ridden across the darkening skies over our Republic.

Cultural, fiscal, military and constitutional crises loom and the people are awakening.

No longer will they listen to the emperors and their press handmaidens telling them to pay no attention to the thundering hooves and to trust them with our cradle to grave welfare.
No longer will they accept the same old hacks and the same old promises – even the misguided socialists amongst the citizenry are demanding something different (IE Bernie) – the the majority of citizens are demanding someone who doesn’t care if the truth offends the precious little snowflakes inside the pretty bubble which is DC.

TrumpThe energy which operates Trump’s anti-gravity device, and powers those impregnable shields, is the anger of the people, which is boosted to a higher pitch every time the usual suspects, who are wrecking our country, try to destroy him!

TedCruzLet us not forget, too, that the Establishment designed the primary rules explicitly to shut out Ted Cruz, the truth-teller, the constitutionalist, the sworn enemy of our current feckless leadership. They thought they could defeat Cruz, and instead they got Trumped! Meanwhile, Cruz, always a much better strategist than the Establishment, is beating them at their own game, building support and lining up delegates, likely to become the winner or the power broker at the convention.

Carly-Fiorina-NH-2 Fiorina should also not be ignored – notwithstanding her prior support for the GENERAL election campaigns of McCain and Romney, she, too is a crusader against DC corruption, and would be better than any of the real Establishment stooges.

trump-cruz-2But I think the combination most likely to kill the old party is Trump-Cruz – they would not be beholden to anyone, and could not be silenced by the usual suspects. THAT is the sum of all fears for the DC Cartel, as Cruz calls it!

Meanwhile, the CHQ article closes with a call to action:

We know electing Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Paul Ryan and their like means the elite political class will be further empowered, country class citizens and taxpayers will be further marginalized and the 21st century will see the death of constitutional liberty.

So it is up to you. Will it be We the People, who seize power in 2016 to decide what happens next, or will it be the urban elite political class?

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