Even Politifact Can’t Create Cover for Hillary’s Latest Lie…Yet.

by Steve MacDonald

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The Pantsuitress (That could be a Hillary Clinton super-villain name) lied again last Saturday. She stated that Donald Trump’s words about Muslims are being used by ISIS to recruit. It is not true and even Politifact has had to admit as much.

But is that the story? Is another Hillary lie news or is the story how her remarks may have aborted the newest Democrat prevarication by plucking it from the womb before it was “viable?”

If you look you can see the narrative zygote maturing, but not yet ready to be born.

The (Clinton) campaign pointed to an NBC News article that quoted Rita Katz of the SITE Intelligence Group, which monitors the social media activities of Islamic terrorist groups.

So my wife’s hairdressers, sisters, boyfriend read it on the internet…and it’s about a Republican, so it must be true.

NBC quoted a source, writing about a perception, regarding an assumption about how Muslims respond to a presidential candidate so this is Clinton gospel suitable for the primary pulpit before a national audience? If only she were that certain as Secretary of State in the run up to the Benghazi terror attack (including during, and after). Ambassador Stevens and three other Americans might still be alive. (Who is to say that Clinton did not act to ensure that “defending American lives” at the expense of Muslim lives was not used by Islamofascists as a recruiting tool.)

Anyhow, this is how truth is made by the liberal media. A “reliable” liberal source takes a desirable narrative that they either create or is left for them to find. They then quote each other until it becomes the truth by brute force. “All our progressive friends believe it so it must be true.” Get one of the many progressive “fact-checkers” to confirm part or all of the supposition and that can be quoted by other media and fact checkers and on and on and on until it is an unassailable lie made true by the magic of the liberal media and their friends on Twitter.

Left-wing campaign truth squads (another tool of the trade) are created by Democrat campaigns, or their water carriers, for this exact purpose. They manufacture an inbred media reality into which Democrat candidates (and favorable media) may wander, secure in the knowledge that they have cover for almost anything that can be said about an opponent.

So did Clinton pull the trigger on this Trump meme too soon?

Politifact does a fair job of setting the table for a resurrection, but given the lack of narrative-cloning to date there just isn’t enough lie out there yet to make it appear true. This is probably why Politifact had to call it false, instead of mostly, or partly false.

But give it time. A ‘moderate’ Muslim tracker (who could be cited as having actually liked Donald Trump before) will be happy to make it true for the right price, so this will be back. If Trump looks like he may get the nomination, Karl Rove might make it “true,” which is even better for the left because then they can quote him.

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