Towards a more limited government – not if Frank Guinta can help it! He votes to Zombify a Federal Agency

Ex-Im CoalitionAnd that would be to resurrect the zombie Ex-Im Bank – better known as the Export-Import Bank, that bastion of Crony Capitalism that I keep hearing is the last resort of companies that can’t get funding otherwise with taxpayers on the hook as that last resource.  What the heck is the Federal Government doing acting as a lending bank anyways?  Simple – financial favors for the well connected.  If you listen to them (and I keep getting emails from some nitwits that four months AFTER the Export-Import Bank was sunsetted.  Influence the influencers, I guess, was their thinking.

Yeah, that’s workin’ out for them so far – sending emails asking to expand government to a guy that thinks it’s already too portly to begin with?  That stands ready with a burlap bag, rope, and a bathtub full of water with a willing spirit?  And the above coalition decided to send out a congratulatory email to me effuse with their praise for Frank Guinta and is vote to not just keep Government big but to make it bigger by reattaching a dead limb?

Ex-Im Coalition

October 28, 2015
For Immediate Release

Media Contact:
Jared Favole
Exporters For Ex-Im Coalition

Exporters For Ex-Im Coalition Applauds New Hampshire Lawmakers For Voting To Reauthorize Ex-Im

Washington, DC – The Exporters For Ex-Im Coalition released the following statement upon passage of legislation to reform and reauthorize the Export-Import (Ex-Im) Bank:

“We applaud Reps. Frank Guinta and Ann Kuster for fighting for U.S. workers and voting to reform and reauthorize the Ex-Im Bank. This vote was long overdue. Nearly all Democrats and the majority of Republicans in the House voted to ensure job creators have the tools they need to compete. The debate over Ex-Im has always been about jobs, and whether U.S. manufacturers can continue to compete overseas and hire right here at home.

“With an overwhelming majority of members in both the House and Senate now on record in support of reauthorization, we urge Congress to send the Ex-Im reauthorization bill to the President’s desk as soon as possible. There is no reason U.S. workers should have to compete with one arm tied behind their backs any longer.”

Actually, it was a small minority of Republicans, 62,  that voted in the House WITH the Democrats to breath life into a body that should have stayed dead – what the heck, it is Halloween time.  Am I surprised that CongressCritter Annie Kuster (NH-D) voted for this?  Nope – that’s what Democrats do and never letting go of an opportunity to keep or grow Government.  A Republican doing so, that once promised me that he’d take every opportunity to cut the size and growth of Government?

#Betrayal.  Again. Fusion Party (here’s the vote)

Taxpayers, here’s yer trick.  Boeing (the number one user of the Ex-Im by FAR), here’s yer Crony treat.