To Effect A Permanent Solution…

by Steve MacDonald

Saturday November 12th, 1938 – A government addresses ‘a problem’ with some of its citizens…



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  • Radical Moderate

    As soon as you hit the touch buttons of what Hitler did you’re running down the roadour opponents want you to run down. The Progressives don’t care, nor do Joe & Jane Sixpack.
    The best thing GG can do is hold Saturdays broadcast from various NH colleges and engage the youth of the state who have been indoctrinated in Socialism.
    Think about it…Who are the supporters of Bernie Sanders in NH?

  • allen

    parts of the gun control act of 1968 are based word-for-word on this nazi weapons law.

    • Radical Moderate

      Already been there allen and have the T-shirt…The point is the Globalist cabal and their ‘trickle down’ indoctrinated masses don’t care about being compared to AH. They have been ‘conditioned’ (Pavlov) via the MSM and state funded Academia to look at AH and American Conservatives as branches of the same tree. The simple mention of AH even in the light of our opponents utilizing his methods scares away Joe and Jane Sixpack.
      Face it…No one but about 3% of Americans even look at things in comparison to historical events.
      Unfortunate but true.

      • allen

        3%…I like that number…that’s the percentage of colonists that actively fought the king..funded/supported by 10%..and the rest..apathetic about the whole thing.

        we’re in the age that santayana predicted “those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it”.

  • Kathleen LaBonte


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