How Big a Moron IS C. Robert Gibson???

by Ed Naile

Gibson Slip with Lic Number clip_image002

Carl was arrested in Dane County , Wisconsin on August 8, 2013 and thought it would be a groovy idea to post his arrest document (DEFENDANT’S COPY) on the internet.

Hooray for Carl!!!!

He just gave me his 2013 Kentucky Driver’s License #G02-716-568.

This means that when Carl Robert Gibson of PO address 26 Summit St. in Concord NH registered to vote in the NH General Election in 2012 in our much vaunted “Same Day” voter registration law he was using a Kentucky drivers license. This explains why he was also registered to vote in Kentucky from 2007 until CNHT informed them in Sept. 2015 and he was removed from the Hardin County checklist.

It also explains why in 2015 his Ct. plates on his car, parked at 85 Center St. were expired for two years. The tax cheat didn’t register his car or pay taxes on it after leaving Old Lyme Ct. where he was also registered to vote from 2012 – 2015 when CNHT notified Ct.

But think about this.

Carl Robert Gibson voted in the Wisconsin State Election of Supreme Court Justices in 2013 before voting again here in NH in our 2014 General Election BY ABSENTEE!

So why isn’t the NH AG prosecuting Carl for voter fraud?

It might be because we let thousands of other Carl’s vote here every election.

Thank your Democrat governors for vetoing PHOTO ID!

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  • mer

    Doesn’t the NH court revised definition of domicile include intent? Perhaps Carl had intent to reside in NH all along. He just didn’t realize it would be at the state of NH prison.

    • Ed Naile

      intent, inmate, intercourse, inyerface – these are all terms Carl needs to learn.

  • But he does have a NH cellphone number!

    • Ed Naile


    • Ed Naile

      Carl Robert Gibson

      Carl Robert Gibson was born on 11 May 1987, and on 24 April 2012 he registered to vote. He is (or was) living at 49-1 Seaside Lane, Old Lyme, Connecticut, U.S.A. 06371-1944. He is (or was) registered as a Democratic voter. His telephone number is (or was) 1-601-454-6443. His voter ID number is 004200665.

      • Ed Naile

        Why don’t you call him Tim, you guys speak the same language.

  • Kathleen LaBonte

    What a story! I had to make a little chart to reference to keep up. God I hate seeing how the minds of people like C Robert Gibson work. It actually makes me feel queasy! Really good job – NH’s very own Colombo! God I loved that show! You brought it to life!

  • sb

    Of course he’s a moron. How else would the corrupt D’s get their foot soldiers?

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