Hillary Clinton uses Moms Demand Hack to Plant Gun Control Question in New Hampshire

momsdemandharpyClearly Hillary Clinton thinks Granite Staters are stupid. She used a known Moms Demand hack to plant a gun control question at one of her ‘town halls’ recently.

We’ve seen this Moms Demand harpy (probably a paid hack) at gun legislation hearings at the state house. She’s devoid of facts and logic but what Moms Demand supporter isn’t?

It’s a sad state of affairs when Hillary has to use plants to ask her questions.

Governor Hassan did the same thing when the House was voting on Senate Bill 116 – the bill to end state-sanctioned discrimination for pistol licensing. She asked Moms Demand to come to her office and had an ‘exclusive’ with WMUR to record it.

Meanwhile neither Hassan nor Clinton will ever meet with REAL Moms who demand to have their RIGHTS restored so they can easily protect their families.

Funny both these women claim to be about ‘women’s rights’ isn’t it?

You can watch Hillary and the planted harpy here.